Feed 4 Weed – Silica Liquid 1L

Feed 4 Weed – Silica Liquid 1L



In nature, Silica is a component of sand and other minerals, which in plant-available form is very beneficial for overall plant health and strength. Cannabis plants also require potassium in large quantities. Much like Silica, this mineral helps to maintain the structure of cell walls, protect plants against environmental stress, and prevent them from wilting.

You can have the biggest flowers in the world, but if your branches can’t support them, they’ll snap and never fully develop.

F4W Potassium Silicate helps improve the development of cell walls. Stronger cell walls result in thicker stems and branches which allows nutrients to be taken up more effectively by the plant’s roots, increasing your yield potential. Plant available Silica will also assist with the plant’s natural capacity to protect itself from pests and diseases. F4W Potassium Silicate boosts CO2 absorption, chlorophyll production, and photosynthesis creating the ideal environment for growers hoping to cultivate huge and dense flowers!

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