OO Seeds – Auto Sweet Soma (3)

OO Seeds – Auto Sweet Soma (3)


This strain is easy to grow indoors and is suitable for all types of growers due to its great capacity to withstand nutrients’ deficiencies or excesses. It emanates pungent aromas that intensify over the last two weeks of the flowering period and it will be ready for harvest after roughly 60 days. 10 plants per square meter can yield up to 500 g/m2 of eye-catching tight buds.

Learn to grow Auto Sweet Soma outdoors

Outdoors, this cultivar features two well-defined phenotypes. One of them has a tendency to stretch quite a bit and its Somango aromas are greatly pronounced while the other one has a very stable schema and it’s more productive than its counterpart, yielding up to 70g. per plant. Auto Sweet Soma seeds are a sure bet for growers that precise quality and fastness all in one, as this hybrid will be ready only 65 days after its germination.

Sativa/Indica: 30/70%

Flowering: 65-70 days indoors, from April to November outdoors

Height: 0.4-1 m indoors, 1-1.8 outdoors

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