EHG Tripaks (3 x 500ml)

EHG Tripaks (3 x 500ml)


EHG Tripaks (3 x 500ml) are convenient and complete 3-part nutrient starter kits that provide perfect nutrient combinations for every stage of your plants’ development. Simply follow the simple grow chart set out on the detailed instructions in the EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) nutrient guide.

Everything your plants will need to grow optimally either hydroponically or in substrates from seedling to flowering.

Both types of EHG Tripaks (3 x 500ml) include a “Grow” part and a “Bloom” part, but the “Micro” part differs between the sets…

The “Regular Micro” Tripak can be used in hydroponic and aeroponic systems, as well as for general feeding for plants in soils and substrates, but the “COCO Micro” Tripak includes a “Coco Micro” part, which is specifically formulated for use with Coco Coir / Coco Peat substrates.

The COCO Micro has increased calcium and magnesium and lower potassium to compensate for the fact that coco is organic and not inert. Coco absorbs calcium and magnesium and releases potassium which can lead to problems over time.

If using borehole water, one should stick to ordinary micro because borehole water is high in calcium and magnesium.

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