Dutch Passion – Shaman (3)

Dutch Passion – Shaman (3)


Shaman is a robust Sativa-dominant outdoor plant with a fast flowering time of 8 weeks on average. She is easy to grow and suitable for the beginner

She is an ideal strain for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, very tough/resistant with long flowers and a high yield

Shaman gets beautiful pink and purple colours in the buds in about 50% of the plants, this can vary from light pink to dark purple

A Sativa dominant outdoor strain with a fast flowering time of 8 weeks on average

A tough outdoor variety that can take a beating, Shaman does well in pots but also as an open ground variety

This lady grows into a beautiful Christmas tree structure with long, thick blooms, about half of the plants have purple colours

She has a fresh, fruity and spicy aroma and an energetic up-high. Shaman has a relaxing and uplifting Sativa high

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